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Akwarius is committed to her craft and puts her all into her words and music. Akwarius believes that there is a musician in all of us just waiting to unleash its magic on the world. Although she doesn't have a background filled with a family of musicians, she says her mom, dad and sister can really blow. Her first step to her musical journey not only began on MySpace Music, but it also begun the very first time she hit a stage in front of adoring fans. "At that very moment I knew this is where I wanted to be, was destined to be, and where I am going to be." Akwarius pulls inspiration from a plethra of places, mainly her Creator!!

Akwarius loves nothing more than to share her stories, her thoughts and her feelings to the world through her music. When asked what's more important, Fortune or Fame, she responded by saying, "Neither fortune or fame is of any importance over the other, because if you create good music, good soulful music than those two little words won't matter. Especially when someone listens to my album and they are like, girl I really felt track 6 or track 2 helped me through some rough patches in my life, that's what is important to me." Let this journey be one I will never forget, and never regret. My God has blessed me with a talent and I want to share it with the world and beyond.  Akwarius...mind...body...and soul!! .
In the world where the imagination is limited and executives make copy-cat decisions, a new wind blows in a voice; an emotion; an aura that captures the hearts and motivates the souls of music-lovers young and old.

Born Glenn H. Adams, Jr., Lenny Harold harnesses a sound so organic it brings one to tears. Already having numerous accomplishments under his old moniker “CHANJ,” Lenny is an established artist in his own right, having worked with several heavy-hitters in the business— including singer/songwriter Marsha Ambrosious whose ballad “Say Yes” would spark his rise to Apollo championship and industry discovery. After putting his own stamp on the song, Lenny has generated a solid fan base in the states and gained notoriety through his fascinating performances across the world.

Set to release his debut album on March 22, 2011, "The Journal of Wonders: Tale of the Phoenix in the Moon Labyrinth" will be the first chapter of a musical saga that has the power and potential of universal success. The experience of artistic innovation and imagination will undoubtedly cement his place in this industry— featuring 14 original songs; production by Cass Maya; collaborations with Taylor Ryan and Solomon Cortes of WMC Productions; and the support of renowned musicians/writers responsible for some of the greatest hits in mainstream music history.

As young as 4 years old, Sylvia recalls memories of innocently singing her nursery rhymes as her father stood by, recording every last note. A singer himself, Larry Fedrick contributed his beautiful voice to a quartet as a child and, later, the church choir. He never actively pursued a career in gospel music, but would go on to influence that of his musically inclined family, especially his young daughter, Sylvia.

Often singing to her as a child, the influences of Sylvia's father would serve as a foundation upon which Sylvia would grow as an artist, taking with her the sweet melodies of such revered musicians as Sam Cook, Nat King Cole, Dakota Staten, and Billy Eckstine.

Sylvia's involvement in school and community organizations on Chicago's South Side led to her membership in the Walter H. Dyett Magnet school choir. This sparked Sylvia's interest and initiated formal vocal training under the instruction of Naomi Petty. She bettered her vocal range and maintained her involvement at Lindblom Technical High School where she graduated with the honor of "most talented."

Post-graduation, Sylvia continued her craft, singing in weddings and church plays, while participating in a young-adult choir at the Calvary Baptist Church. But, as life would have it, a series of missed connections and wrong turns left Sylvia defeated and disappointed. Sylvia thought she had somehow missed her chance at a career in gospel music...

Karyn White possesses one of the most memorable, distinctive voices ever heard in popular music. She's an accomplished singer/songwriter who etched herself into music history with her smash hit song, the female anthem, 'Superwoman'. That song made international waves, selling over a million units, being certified Gold and named the Billboard R&B Song of the Year in 1989. She IS a super woman. She's Karyn White.

In the years since her last CD was released in 1994 (Make Him Do Right – Warner Brothers), the lovely, soulful vocalist has focused her energy on family, raising and nurturing her daughter Ashley (her daughter with ex-husband, producer/songwriter Terry Lewis of Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis fame). White’s priorities to family are largely responsible for her absence from the music scene. Her daughter Ashley is now a freshman at Howard University but for the last 18 years – Karyn saw to it that Ashley received the love and care of a mother invested in her child – which the nomadic lifestyle of a professional musician could not afford.

Karyn's considerable talents extend well beyond music. She’s been successfully honing her skills in recent years as an interior designer, and making moves in real estate. However, she didn't turn her back on music, still paying close attention to the industry. "Music is in me. You may be temporarily detached from the business side of it – but the music, the melodies, the rhythms – never leave you," said White.

White's new CD, scheduled for release in 2012, offers a heartfelt Retro Acoustic soulful flare. She delivers every note, every inflection, with the flow of a woman who knows what each nuance means to the song. The CD contains another anthem for the ladies – a female bonding and empowerment tune with an acoustic grit, called "Sista Sista". With this future classic, the ladies will hear that they have their champion back on the scene. Karyn also performs her own version of the Cyndi Lauper classic, "True Colors", on this new CD.

"Karyn is fearless, and when we first started talking about her releasing new music in the marketplace, the first thing she said was – 'I don't want to do it like I've done it before—I want it to be new, I want to push the envelope on all of the new social media, internet and website platforms, I want to be the edge not on it........I want to be a difference maker' that's why I call Karyn a renaissance woman," said Jay King, the independent music, multi-media mogul of Club Nouveau fame, who is working with White on her new music. White's project includes embracing multi-media formats, to broaden the scope of Karyn and her ideas, with her "Karyn's World" website ( Plans for the web site include a reality show, and the opportunity for fans to purchase Karyn White branded merchandise.
In every generation, the world is blessed with an individual who manages to capture the hearts and lives of people around the world. Whether it's based on talent, looks or a combination of both, this individual manages to exude a magnetic presence about himself, that leaves a slew of adoring fans, with an unquenchable thirst for more. Some like to refer to this individual as a celebrity, other’s like to call him a superstar. He is, undeniably both. You may call him "DELOREAN".

The Chicago Native has opened up for hot talents such as Ginuwine, Jagged Edge ,Joe, Avant,R.Kelly and J Holiday just to name a few. He also has worked with phenomenal independent & mainstream producers, He is a true professional and works well at perfecting his craft. When ever DeLorean is placed on stage he rocks the crowd.

DeLorean is not just an artist, he does most of his writing or some part of the writing process for all of his songs and he's an all around businessman. At the age of 24-years-old DeLorean has made a name for himself nationwide all over the internet. DeLorean will definitely leave you satisfied.

In the beginning of 2006 started taking songwriting alot more seriously and began looking for placements for CHRIS BROWN, TREY SONGZ, J HOLIDAY, and many more. DeLorean is making a name for himself. DeLorean has very big & promising future ahead of him. DeLorean has featured on many mixtapes such as 9 coast to coast. Chicago local artist ''Chief'' (Big Appetite For Cash) Hosted By Bo Deal

In September 2009 after building so much buzz over the internet DeLorean released his debut album "BIRTH OF A LEGEND" and independently sold Over 265k & By doing so DeLorean became the topic of coversation around chicago & everywhere throughout the music industry.

November Of 2010 DeLorean Suddenly wanted to give up on music after his very close friend/mentor Courtney Wells aka Cori "CEO" Wells whom was a major promoter in the chicagoland area. Taking some time off from his busy lifestyle for a few months DeLorean got more into church & doing volunteer work for different communities in the city of CHICAGO.

Mid 2011 DeLorean went back into the studio & started recording his second album "Pause" and released it October 2011 that's currently on iTunes and doing very well and recently released the "PAUSE" [THE EXTENDED EDITION] Exclusively through his website in april of 2012.