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Visionary with a gift. First you dream, then you try, move forward, until you succeed.

We all may not make it to the top, but Madison Media believes that potential is the
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Soothing, Sensual and Sophisticated Nu-soul Vibrations. Experience a rainbow spectrum of colors to brighten up any grey day. Touching the essence of life, love and spirituality, embrace the warm welcoming sounds. Enter the world of Kyra Simone

Talking about her up and coming project Kyra stated: This EP provides my insights to questions that are common to all of us, some may agree and some may disagree with what I have to say, but its my opinion and I have the right to express it. I think thats an important message to get across, be happy with who you are and love yourself, respect others who respect you and have some self-respect, aspire to achieve your passion in life and make this world a better place to live in, community spirit and focussed human beings can make a big difference to the society we live in and it starts with the small thingsthis is what my music is about and ultimately leads you to the creator where your life is richly blessed and peace is abundant.
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Every single aspect of every single one of Devante's songs is created from concept to completion by Devante himself. No gimmicks, no A&Rs, no staff writers, no technicians, no studio or session musicians, no ghostwriters and no samples... ever.
In other, other words... R&B's bar has just been raised 10 notches.

I know ya'll have been waiting, and now it's about that time. I'm not going to just make R&B music: I'm going to Define it.
The Definition / The Foundation - 2006
Other than being a musical commodity, r&b singer, etcetera, I'm a really cool, down to earth, intelligent and respectable brotha. So feel free to hit me up, check out the music, comment on songs, whatever.. but I'm not above or beyond conversation with cool peeps. So feel free to stop by and say hi.
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As a child growing up in Houston, TX, Pru Renfro could memorize and recite the text of an entire Dr. Suess book. The open-minded, whimsical influence certainly shows on the singer/songwriter's self-titled album Pru. She freely mixes hip-hop, Latin, R&B, rock, and trip-hop into a uniquely enticing mix that quickly identifies her as an adventurous artist along the line of Angie Stone, Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill. The ballad "Candles" is a juxtaposition of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles' "Tracks of My Tears." Pru wisely gives Sade's "Smooth Operator a different flavor than the original; bring to the fore the original version's Latin influences more forcefully but still keep it smooth amid popping percussion and fluttery flute runs. The halting ballad "Hazy Shades" recalls "blue light in the basement" old skool slow jams. Other highlights include "Aaroma," "Prophecy of a Flower," "Sketches of Pain," and the movie portion of this enhanced CD.

Tey is a gifted songwriter and vocalist who sets herself apart with a raw sexuality and palpable soulful influence.." - MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE who names Tey "One of TOP HOT Artists of the Year!!!"
"..the fact that Tey can breathe technique and sensuality into the mix with equal skill ensures that she's going to be around for a long time." - Shotgun Reviews

United Global Artists calls Tey an "entertainment enigma that defies description".
The Here And There highly recommended Tey's albums. "Sexy Tey returns with her 3rd release and once again Tey hits the dance floor running. Once again starting off with a beautiful ballad, the self written track, showcases a very confident voice, soft and sensuous".

Southbound Beat names her as a "high caliber talent whose vocals can capture your heart and soul".
"Tey's music will keep you moving." - Kweevak Music Magazine

Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Model from BK New York Cherokee stepped onto the music scene in 1999 with my duet album I LOVE YOU ME... At the time Cherokee was signed to RCA records. The record never reached the mass audience due to lack of marketing and promotion. However the PR was AMAZING. Cherokee recieved so much love. She graced the cover of Time Out NY & Jet Magazine & was also in Vogue, Essence, Rolling Stone, Billboard, The NY times, Honey, Vibe,Esquire and many more without bragging.

Cherokee also performed on Soul Train and Motown Live along with Sheila E. & was sponsored by Polo Jeans and did a mini tour that went well. Cherokee did a GAP campaign which lead to Huge billboards plastered all over 10 states and a GAP commercial that ran nationally for a few months.

Cherokee  toured a little bit overseas and got to open for Lauren Hill in Amsterdam.  Despite all of the hoopla, hype and hard work... RCA failed to market and promote the record properly. In 2000-2001 Cherokee recorded a record called "Soul Parade". After the completion of the record RCA shut down their Black division and she was picked up by ARISTA Records still under the BMG system. Critics gave Soul Parade great reviews. Cherokee had many of her friends featured on Soul Parade such as OUTKAST, BILAL, JILL SCOTT, RASAAN PATTERSON, ANTHONY HAMILTON,FLOETRY and MUSIQ. The record never dropped but has been bootlegged all around the world.

Three-time first place Apollo winner, DEEP has been taking the music and entertainment scene by storm—boldly presenting timeless tracks like “So Many Songs,” “One Hand in Da Sky” and “Favorite Girl“—to the world.
Eighteen year-old ShoTime (Kenny) and Elijah have been performing since the age of ten when they won their first talent show. Since then they set their sights on stardom, determined to become professional entertainers, they invested many years studying the music and lyrics of prominent artists who inspired them—Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, Teddy Pendergrass, Michael Jackson, the late Tupac Shakur, the late Notorious B.I.G., and the late great Bob Marley. Their combination of R&B, urban soul, hip-hop and reggae is truly unique to them as they woo audiences up and down the East Coast.
Currently signed to the independent record label, Tycoon Dynasty, LLC, DEEP has over 45 songs already produced including their 2004 debut 18-track, “Welcome to R&B City” hosted by the legendary DJ Kay Slay. Well over 50,000 copies have been distributed nationally along with several mixtapes and exclusives. “What Kind a Man,” a well-known DEEP freestyle on the very popular “Drop Leaf” riddim has circulated in Kingston, Jamaica, London, UK and Tokyo, Japan.
On Hill's second CD masterpiece, Suga Hill, the scribe and soloist was nominated by the LA Weekly for Best Contemporary Blues/R&B Artist in 2001, 2002 & 2003. This ultimately created an illustrious following from LA to London, generating a buzz and reputation as a do it yourself independent machine.

It became obvious Hill was not interested in being labeled, nor being signed to one. Critics sang Hills praises from around the world as she released vinyl in Japan and Europe and started to license her music in films and television. "It's called bringing the mountain to Mohammad", Hill says of her tireless strategy of marketing her music. "By the time you reach the end of this L.A. dame's self distributed full-length debut, one thought constantly plays over and over in your head: Many of Hill's honey dripping melodies are covered with mid tempo, bounce heavy grooves that give the album a fanciful, retro charge.

If this were 1986, Hill would be so the shit!", Kim's third cd, "Pharaoh's Daughter", is said to be one of the best independent releases of the year on her own label, One Brave Indian. "I want to show artists they can have their four acres and a mule with out the minstrel show. Own the master, don't do a soft shoe for him", Hill says with a roar of support from her audience at a live show in Los Angeles. Before releasing the full length, "Right Now", and Nutshell" will be released on vinyl through Concrete Grooves/ Giant Step Records.

"Mockingbird" by the UK's Bugz in the Attic crew. Dionne Warwick told Vibe magazine, "I hope she makes it, her songs have an ethereal sound..." Maybe the halo will make its way back onto Hill's head. Either way, she’ll deliver the goods and continue to raise the bar of integrity in music.

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