L. D` Shawn is a Fitness Pro, he knows the up`s & down`s on how to create the perfect body. It`s not easy to look like D`Shawn but he is a perfect example that if you stay focus, you to can shape your body, get fit, and look like a star. Make sure you check out L.D` Shawn on Myspace to get his Bio.
POMJ Productions, Inc. is the self-produced and self-funded grassroots effort of Prinston O. Martyn, Jr. (aka POMJ). Upon much request, POMJ Productions are raw and uncut creations. All post-production, including packing and shipping, is courtesy of POMJ. Part of the proceeds from the sale of all copyrighted POMJ Productions videos will go to the POMJ Relief Mission. Please see www.prinstonmartyn.com for more information. Thanks for your interest and continued support. POMJ "THE BULLDOG" WARRIOR EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED    
Ms. Renita Harris a true star in the World of BodyBuilding, her style and grace really shines and her personality is beautiful, her body "Priceless"
Renita is a personal trainer in Chicago, and her clients are very happy with there results, I`m happy to know & work out with Renita in the same Gym in Chicago. Madison, CEO of Madison Media.

I live in beautiful Chicago. There are many advantages to living in the city. The area that I reside in is located in the heart of downtown Chicago. It is one of the fastest growing areas in the city. There is fabulous shopping, a wide range of museums, spas, health clubs, beautiful interactive parks, various cultural events throughout the year, an enormous selection of restaurants, massive entertainment and anything else you can imagine, all within a four mile radius of where I live. I absolutely love it! Even though I am a very private person, I like the excitement of the city. It's alive, fast pace and constantly changing. Transportation is a plus too. I can get to anywhere I need to go very quickly and easily because I am in the heart of the city.

A normal workout for me varies really. I guess in general I would say that I workout from anywhere to an hour or two 4-5 times a week. There are days when I concentrate on upper body only, lower body only, cardio only, combination of upper body/ lower body, and cardio/weight training. I don't workout just one way. My workouts need to stay diverse simply because my needs in terms of developing my body are constantly changing. My goal is to build my body up and sculpt it all over. Therefore, I must train in various ways in order for that to occur. It's a precise process. My challenge is building muscle without eating meat. So, I have to train differently, consistently.

My success is largely due to the efforts, knowledge and experience of my trainer, Marcus Hardaway. He has literally helped me to transform my body through training! In a year's time, he has taken me from flab to fit! Marcus pushes me to do things I would have done on my own. His famous words to me are, "you can do this." He has given me the tools I'll need to continue training for life. Thank you Marcus!

Again, I just want to thank you Madison Media Fitness Magazine and your staff for giving me this awesome opportunity in an effort to support what I do. You have given me a platform to spread the word about healthy eating and the importance of fitness. I am truly grateful!
I can be reached at LaSagonia312@aol.com

My MySpace URL: www.myspace.com/lasandita

L.T. Personal Training is passionately committed to delivering quality fitness training and excellent service. We are focused on improving the health and fitness level of all of our clients. Building long-term relationships with clients through quality training and support,  our goal is to be known as one of the premiere fitness training companies in the greater Baltimore area.

On November 10, 2007.  LT Thomas Came in 1st Place in the Middle Weight Class at The USBF Natural Pro-AM Show.  He is happy to be finish his first year of bodybuilding. 

Only been lifting weights for 5 years and Bodybuilding for 3. In that time I have competed 3 times Here's how I did. EFBB West Midlands Championship 2004 First Timers Class = 1st place EFBB British Finals 2004 First timers Class = 8th place. UKBFF Midlands Classic Championship 2006 Intermediate Heavyweight Class = 1st place and Overall Champion. 2008 is when I next plan to compete. I have now changed federation and will now compete with NABBA. My Goal. To compete at the NABBA Universe in 2008. Your looking at a future NABBA champion. Eat and train well all. Peace Big Pete
My name is Covell Bellamy III, i was born at Fort Lee Virginia, January 25th 1972 which would make me 34 years of age. I currently reside in Waynesville Missouri where i work full time and model part time. I am ex Military and have served in the active Air Force as a Munitions Systems Specialist (bomb builder) from 1992 - 1995, and also in the Army Reserves from 2001 -2005 as a 91 D (aka Operating Room Technician) I am currently married to my wife Gwen Bellamy of 14 years and have 4 children. 3 boys and one girl. I got into weightlifting at the age of 18 to try and keep up with my younger brother who had already been into it. I have done physique modeling, fitness modeling, underwear, artistic nude, and nude. I am currently trying to branch out more into casual and fashion modeling to be as versatile as i can be. I enjoy weight lifting, playing football, basketball,and boxing. Need for any modeling work call Covell.
My name is Mitchell Graves and I’m the writer of Fit With Mitch. I started this blog to guide beginners through all the hype that’s out there in the industry and provide you with simple, straight forward, honest guidance to building the body of your dreams.

I don’t claim to be some outstanding fitness ‘guru’, CPT, IFBB Bodybuilder, or National Fitness Champion, but rather a guy like you that’s achieved his goals and is dedicated to helping you achieve yours also. However, I’ve been lifting for nearly ten years, have two black belts in Tae Kwon Do, and ran Varsity Track & Field in both high school and college, so I’m no stranger when it comes to fitness and weight training.

It’s essential for you to know that in order for your body to change, your mind must change. No one ever got different results by remaining the same or doing the same activities. Einstein called that insanity, yet so many people do it anyway. My goal is to not only provide you with the physical road map, but the mental road map to your new body.
Congratulations on taking the first step toward building the lean, muscular, healthy body you deserve. I'm Gustavus Wyche, a Washington, D.C. National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer here to help you achieve your fitness goals. My training philosophy is simple - If you build more muscle you will burn more fat! Increasing your lean muscle mass will speed up your metabolism and jumpstart weight-loss.What's more is that you'll feel better and look great!

Well im a 21 yr. old all male who enjoys fitness, health & nutrition, natural bodybuilding, extreme/all sports pretty much, Video Games (Xbox Live Gamertag= BUFF STUFF 6T9, lol im a nerd) and EATING! At the moment im attending my 3rd year of college in Belleville at Loyalist College, taking Health & Fitness Promotion, working 2-3 part-time jobs, and trying to make a name for myself in the fitness industry. I figure it's allready my life so how can i go wrong?. Im originally somehow from an even smaller city called Brockville which isn't far from where I am now. As for when I graduate (which i better lol) and get yet another diploma that won't really do anything for my future (meaning anyone can be a trainer, it's just nice to have a backgroud and not just look good lol). But as for the living situation I plan on continuing with fitness modeling and traveling everywhere/anywhere it can take me. Feel free to drop me a line or send me an invite/comment (especially if you travel a lot and can tell me about nice places to travel to). Any photographers or talent scouts feel free to check out my personal website at www.tylersarry.com.
Tony Thomas Sports is your one stop shop for sports workout tutorials, performance trackers, sports management, nutrition, fitness articles, blogging and more…
Jabari is our newest Martial Arts Fitness Pro for Madison Media.

It`s been said, that the best way to get in shape is "Martial Arts" and looking at Jabari, there must be some truth to that.
Jabari was also a competitor on the show "Final Fu" on MTV & MTV2.
Looking to meet new connections and friends. I respect people who say what they feel...if you hate me...say it (not everyone is meant to like each other)..just dont be a faker ...why do some people waste their time and yours shaking hands and pretending to be your friend.on the same note if you like someone show them respect and be yourself. all the best to everyone here :) ..
My work trade is auto performance. I fabricate and build muscle and sports cars. I love it. I'm an NPC bodybuilder where i'm tryin to become pro. i have sponsor ship from musclepack.com. you can see me on there page as a sponsored bodybuilder at musclepack.com/jeremiah I'm also networking for any kind of modeling or acting jobs for tv or movies.
Chris Jones
Kenton Rogers
Marcelis Hill