Jaye Taylor model, actress, dancer, make up artist, this young lady can do it all. Jaye was featured in Jon Bibbs music video "Nobody but You" and she modeled in the "Upscale Fashion Show" & was featured in DJ Restless photos.

Jaye Taylor has and interview on "Real Gainz" conducted by our "Fitness Pro" L.D`Shawn a.k.a. Future. Contact Jaye 
"Rico" Modeling,Rico@Sedmodels.com 

Jaye @ Real Gainz

What's up Madison Media!! I am "Lady J" and I am here to share with you the best of the indie artist movement from around the world. Lady J Live Radio can be heard from my website www.LADYJLIVE.com. Click "Radio" and that's all to it. Catch me every Saturday @ 7pm PST. You can also listen to it on www.KLASFM.com. I am here to feature artists of all kinds, play your music and/or interview you so that the world will know you exist. You will find me doing this every week, same time, same place. Don't be a stranger. Contact me for further information on how to be a guest on LJL Radio. Call in while we're on the air and talk to me LIVE. CALL IN NUMBERS ARE 323 962 1937 OR 323 962 1938.

It doesn't matter where you are, I'm gonna be in the studio entertaining you, so let me know that you're listening. Taking you from the Studio to the Stage is the Lady J Live Indie Artist Concert Series. These concerts are happening every third Friday of the month at the La Trova House 2032 Stoner Ave, West Los Angeles. Invite everyone you know to come support the cause. I'll be hosting these events, and I'd like to get the opportunity to meet you face-to-face. So, if you're talented in any way and Interested, leave a message and I'll get back to you. Peace People!

Patty modeled for over 15 years, obtaining experience in runway, commercial,print and billboard and some local commercials and voiceovers. Check out her profile on myspace.
PLEZHURHOUSE is made up of two members. Patty Plezur and Jay. (www.myspace.com/pattyworld) Together they transform electronic sounds and beats into musical form. Patty has been interested in performing and producing her own music for over 14 years now but somehow things just never gelled with musicians and other artists and the struggle to find serious and like minded individuals drove her to attend Columbia College. With a folder full of lyrics and songs under her belt she put them on the shelf and has been waiting restlessly. Back in the day when the house scene was hot and heavy in Chicago Patty hung out at places like The Warehouse, Power Plant, Smart Bar, Medusas, Metro,The Phoenix.

It was at these places where her love of dance music and house music was spawned and she longed to be able to be amongst her favorite DJ heroes pumping out some crazy dance beats not just dancing to them . House music was her passion now. Having an interest in music video production also she decided to try to acquire the knowledge of the music business on her own. However possessing the wild imagination that she has film/video special effects caught her attention and she made that a focus for the past 4 years, but never letting go of the dream of getting her music out. PATTY IS OPEN TO AND LOOKING TO WORK WITH PRODUCERS, DJS AND OTHER ARTISTS
Toni L. Foulkes credited grass-roots campaigning for her convincing victory in the 15th Ward in Chicago. “ Toni wore out two pairs of shoes and one pair of hiking boots, walking the ward since January in all kinds of weather.
The overall voter turnout was down from the February election, when 6,046 votes were cast in a wide field of 11 candidates. Foulkes came out on top in that race as well, but because no one got more then 50 percent, the runoff between Foulkes and Simmons-Stovall, who came in second, was required,
Foulkes, a baker for   Jewel Food Stores for the past 18 years, will be sworn into office on May 1, taking over from Ald. Theodore “Ted” Thomas (15th), who is retiring after two terms on the City Council.

Foulkes had the backing of the ACORN community organization.Toni heads the Englewood chapter of the group, a United Food and Commercial Workers union steward, Foulkes said she was proud to come from a family with a history of union membership.
But she said that her years as a community activist had more to do with her win than union support.

Toni L. Foulkes is going to be the best alderman this ward has ever had,” said Ellyson Carter, an ACORN member and campaign worker.
“She went out and talked to the people. It’s a beautiful thing,” said another supporter, Jermaine Moore.

The one thing Foulkes and Simmons-Stovall agreed on during the campaign was that the 15th Ward was neglected in recent years. I`m happy to say that I know and worked with Toni & Local 881. Madison, CEO of Madison Media.
Toni Foulkes.
Victory Waters has been blessed to have lived up and down the East Coast from parts of Canada to New York City to the Greater Atlanta area.  Victory been a producer; on-air television co-host; on-air radio host; and assignment editor for MAJOR Television Networks.  And now the entertainment bug has found its way to STILL reach the airwaves but this time LIVE and THROUGH the Medium of the INTERNET www.victorywaters.com.  This time, everyone gets to hear the vast scope of topics in which Victory has an opinion. 

Victory Waters need you to hear the true essence of who Victory Waters is as a human; a woman; a West Indian; an African American and then all of the above. 
SO if you've missed a show...no problem... go to the HOMEPAGE and click on LISTEN TO OLD SHOWS HERE or HEAD TO LISTEN LIVE link on the HOMEPAGE and listen to the newest ARCHIVED shows! 
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Victory Waters
If you are serious about building wealth, one of your most important priorities must be to establish an emergency fund equal to at least 6 months worth of living expenses. To figure out what your savings goals should be, add up your bills for the month (including food, utilities, rent or mortgage, transportation, clothing, health insurance, etc.) and multiply it by six. For example, if your monthly living expenses add up to $2,300 a month, your 6-month emergency fund would be $13,800. An even simpler goal would be to save up a fund equal to at least half your gross (pre-tax) annual income--$16,000 if you make $32,000 a year.
While six months worth of living expenses should be the minimum maintained in your emergency fund, your goal should be to accumulate 12 months worth. Some people call this their "F You" Fund: If you hate your job and just can't take it any more, you can say "F You" (of course, the F stands for "Forgive and Forget") to your trifling supervisor, secure in the knowledge that you have at least six months to find a new job before you encounter financial difficulty. In reality, the F is for freedom--the freedom to go back to school to get a degree, to spend more time with your newborn child before returning to work, or to pursue your dream of starting a business without having to take food out of your kids' mouths. (You may have to put them on a diet, though.)
Your emergency fund should be kept in a savings account that is NOT LINKED TO YOUR ATM CARD or to any of the accounts where you keep funds to pay other bills and day-to-day expenses. Doing this will limit the temptation to withdraw money from your emergency fund on impuise "just this one time--I'll put it back when I get paid." Or better yet, set up the fund with an online bank (I use ING Direct), which usually pays a much higher interest rate than a traditional bank and allows you to have funds automatically transferred from your main bank account on a set schedule (ideally, on payday).
Of course, your first question is: How am I going to accumulate six months worth of living expenses? Obviously, you can't expect to establish this fund all in one shot. It's going to take persistence, disciplined saving and focused effort. Here are some ideas to get you started:
PAY YOURSELF FIRST. Before you spend a penny or pay even one bill, take 10% off the top of every dollar of income you receive and put it into your emergency fund. (Actually, we Christians should first pay our tithes, and then pay ourselves.) Use direct deposit to automatically channel 10% of your paycheck into your emergency fund account, and eventually, you won't even miss it. Also, as you build this fund, you should still be putting additional savings toward your retirement via an Individual Retirement Account and/or your company's 401(k) plan.
MOONLIGHT. Get a second job, and put all of the extra money you earn into your emergency fund. You don't have to take on a permanent or full-time position. Look for temporary or part-time work, for example, during the holiday shopping season, when many businesses could use the extra help.
USE YOUR SIDE HUSTLE. Start a part-time business pursued after work or on weekends--braiding hair, resume-writing, personal training, selling Avon or Warm Spirits--to generate additional income for your emergency fund.
DON'T SPEND FOUND MONEY. We all get money when we don't expect it. A bonus at work. A gift from a relative. A friend shocking you by paying back the money he borrowed from you. Since you didn't expect it, you couldn't have had plans to spend it, so don't--put it into your emergency fund.
BANK YOUR RAISES. You haven't had a salary increase in two years, and you've been making ends meet just fine. When you finally get that raise, promotion or higher paying job, don't spend the additional money, put it into your emergency fund. If you can't bring yourself to put all of it in, compromise: half of the increase to your fund, and half to do with as you please.

DaNawlinzGroove Radio Show is hosted by New Orleanian Tabitha D ~ (Poetic SunShyne). DNG launched in early 2005 to give Indie & Unsigned Artists around the world a chance to showcase their music and get their names out to the world in a radio show/podcast format. DNG showcases the best Indie and unsigned R&B, Neo-Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Instrumental, Christian, Pop and Spoken Word the world has ever heard. Artists who are featured on the show are placed on our top friends list on Myspace.com/danawlinzgroove, have their CD and site(s) promoted and can be interviewed on SpokenRythmz.com to further help increase their fan base.