Brig, (pronounced like a "bridge" over troubled water), an Angelina, and proud of it, is a storyteller extraordinaire, with her melodic tales of love, and self-discovery, she takes us for a long walk that pulls us in several directions. Her music speaks of influences such as early 20th century jazz and blues standards, mixed with 70's rock, folk, and soul and is accompanied by Brig's vocal styling which will holds the ghosts of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and many others. Think Jill Scott meets Sinead O'Connor, meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers, meets Bjork. You might ask yourself if this strange conglomeration of flavors can possibly mix. But let your ears do the judging. In her own words: "I have a dream. and you are in it. I want to share my music with the world. I want to provide the kind of music that makes you feel things. The kind of music that makes you smile, or cry, or laugh, or be horny, or angry, or resigned, or wiser, or stronger, or wanna shout from the rooftops whatever it is you feel.


Natalie's debut album on the US based Independent label Identity Records (now Identity Music Group, Inc.) was released in late 2000 and contained thirteen original songs. Created with a thoughtful range of subject matter, tempo and mood throughout the album, "Let The Candle Burn" was enthusiastically welcomed by fans and industry personnel alike. She painted an interesting tapestry of sound on an album that included carefree, upbeat tracks, mid-tempo chillout songs and sweet soulful ballads.
Since the release of her debut album, Natalie has made appearances at venues throughout the US and Canada, showcased in top spots at premiere industry music conferences (2NMC, Atlantis Grammy Urban Symposium, Repped by TalentMatch at SXSW), remained in the top 10 on the Internet's most recognized charts and has gained a loyal following of fans.

In effect, a one woman Harlem Renaissance, reclaiming decades worth of musical heritage for a new generation. Bringing the past pouring into the present, L I N A made her bold musical introduction in 2001 with her debut album, "Stranger On Earth". Produced by Travis "T-House" House and Jeeve, the album finds the young singer and songwriter bringing classic and modern soul together on such tracks as the grooving "Step Up", the atmospheric "Waiting" and the hip-hoperatic "Playa No Mo'". With her sophomore album near completion, L I N A and record label Hidden Beach Recordings, set their sights on raising the musical standard.

Growing up in a music filled household, her mother a singer and her father a guitarist, Lina wrote her first songs as early as age eight, and found herself gravitating toward her mother's prized record collection, endlessly spinning classics from the Thirties, Forties, and Fifties. "I think Billie Holiday was my first love" ... says Lina, thinking back to her childhood in Texas. "There was just something about her approach to a song and the blues that she brought to everything she touched". Studying music in high school, Lina was exposed for the first time to a wide variety of musics - classical, choral, opera - and began singing in area talent shows, taking her first steps toward becoming a songwriter.

A wonderful debut from Italy's Soul Basement -- a top-shelf soul act with a really compelling sound! The group's only a duo, but they've got a really full and sparkling sound -- thanks to excellent lead vocals from the lovely Alessya Piermarini, who does her thing over keyboards laid down by Toriano, the other member of the group. The vocals and keys swell and dip beautifully over the EP's six tracks -- all sung in English, and with a smoothly seductive feel that matches the best of the current American underground! Titles include ""Time Is Hours"", ""Ninni Knows"", ""Stay Away"", ""It's Because I Like U"", and ""Never"". (DUSTY GROOVE AMERICA)
Soul Basement continues to reinvent itself, inspiring its ever-growing fan base with ongoing artistic evolution, synthesizing the most urban elements of neo soul and old sound to keep the party cooling.

Soul Basement
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When she speaks, you listen. When she sings, you feel. When she moves, you watch. Maybe it's the barely contained energy that gives her words buoyancy. Or perhaps it's her passion--and not the wildly appropriate, flaming red mane-- that truly keeps your attention. Whatever it is, ask anyone who has experienced Toy and you'll find another striking description added to the list.

Back in small-town Maple Hill, North Carolina the preacher's daughter sprang from the womb with music in her blood, playing piano tunes by ear at age 3 and hijacking the spotlight with church solos by 4. Her diverse influences began at home with music ranging from 50's & 60's doo-wop classics, to the 70's soul sounds of Al and Marvin, to Top 40 pop, country and rock she heard daily while bused to predominately white schools in the rural south. Any given evening after school was much like a jook joint scene straight out of The Color Purple-- a curious 7-year-old with an ear for a good groove took notes while she watched granddaddy's makeshift band jamming sultry funk & gut-bucket blues at his country store. Sunday mornings back at church were like the same show on a different stage, this time the headliner was another grandfather--a fiery harmonica-blowing preacher with a 'Holy Ghost strut' that The Godfather James Brown himself would envy. It was also around this age that she discovered her muse, Prince, who over the years would inspire an eclectic fusion of styles that currently make Toy a musical standout.

Barely in her teens, she was enticed to the stage by the lyrical lure of hip-hop-- quickly conquering the local music scene as an opening act for rap legends like Public Enemy, MC Lyte, and Big Daddy Kane. Her love for performing soon became a driving obsession when Kane, taken by her skills and professionalism, urged her to pursue her goals wholeheartedly. With the help of an uncle, "MC Toy" hit the studios hard, recorded and pressed two singles, and instantly created a buzz selling them out of her backpack during high school and college. Afterwards, she headed to New York City and got a head-start learning the business as assistant to an entertainment attorney representing heavyweights like Missy & Timbaland, The Neptunes, Kelis and Carl Thomas. A meeting one evening after work with a music publishing exec presented an opportunity to try her hand as a singer/songwriter-- her first song winning the hard-earned respect of Timbaland, the support and encouragement of friend and fellow NC native (a then up-and-coming) Anthony Hamilton and a musical connection with hip hop deejay/producer Clark Kent that would start the ball rolling.

R&B is taking on a new vision of its own, where lyrics, melody and talent matter. You might say it's going back to the future. What a great time for the blossoming fresh sound of soul vocalist Lorenzo Owens to make his mark! Al Jarreau, Eric Benet, Chaka Khan, R. Kelly and Nancy Wilson. These are just a few of the stellar song stylists who have made and still are making timeless music.
They are the tradition Owens come from, for like them, he is a child of the Midwest, and like them, he has stories to tell. Stories that can only be told and felt through the special gift of song. Like many of music's success stories, Owens' roots are in the church. He has been singing since he was 3 years old. As a small child, he could sing with adult fervor. "I was at my grandma's house, "Reasons", by Earth, Wind & Fire came on the radio and I sang it from front to back. Everybody was like, whoa! is that coming from him?" the Milwaukee native recalls. But it wasn't until he had begun attending college that he realized singing was his life's calling. "Singing was something I'd always done, but I never paid attention to it. I had private lessons and I did talent shows. My big song was, "God Bless the Child". Owens was going to school for business and management, but he kept asking himself, "What is it that I really want to do? What would make me happy?
I changed majors so many times, I knew I wasn't headed in the right direction. I knew what I really loved was getting out there and feeling the crowd when I sang." Yes, Owens is a true balladeer. His silky smooth soulful voice glides through melodies with ease.
Naturally 7 is a "Band" that started officially in NYC in 1999. What makes N7 special is that every instrument and sound is created from the human voice. There are NO actual drums, guitars, horns, flutes, etc.! The "band" started as more of a traditional Acappella singing group...but wanting to be unique they abandoned the Acappella label and set out to develope a new sound that they now call 'VOCAL PLAY'. What is the difference? Acappella is defined as singing without instruments. VOCAL PLAY is singing AS INSTRUMENTS, becoming an instrument with the voice. In 2003 Naturally 7 released its first cd on a major label. It was distributed in a few European countries as well as Japan. The cd was called 'What Is It?' Because the sound and the concept was so different THAT question was asked constantly. The single, "Music is the Key" (a duet with German superstar Sarah Connor) went to #1 on the German charts. Following the success of 'What Is It?' the band contiued working and developing Vocal Play. Now they are "Ready II Fly", the title of the bands latest cd. Currently released through out Europe and slated for release in the US later this year. The first single "Feel It (In the Air Tonight)" Is topping the charts. The band prides itself as performing group and many consider its Live Show as one of the best ever.-I Can Feel It (In The Air Tonight) Music Video-Some fun in the French Subway-NRJ Music Festival in Nuremberg-Rehearsing "Easy" with Lionel Richie for duet in Cannes, France.

"The compilation of his past and present work called "FOR YOU" hence telling the story of his life," is still in process. Jeremy's music is ready to go and just waiting for the best channel for it to be distributed and is hoping for the Summer 2007 for it to be released. So far the songs on the album are grabbing the attention of movie producers and can currently be heard in the HBO film Life Support starring Queen Latifah, as well as, on a CD Compilation in the UK with Expansion Records called "Soul City", on Underground Videos, and Music Choice Smooth R&B Channell. is where and how people can stay tuned for
further updates.
Jeremy James, Antiguan born, son of a singer and grandson of a guitarist,is continuing the family tradition of providing music for all to enjoy with his gifts to sing, write and perform.
Straight out of college Jeremy James was a lead guitarist for the group Atlantic Starr.  Since then,  Jeremy has been fortunate thus far in a number of areas; When it comes to performing:
1) 2007:  J.J. opened for Olu Dara at event produced by Jill Newman:
  Jill Newman Productions at B.B. King.
2) 2004:  J.J. opened on the same bill of Floetry produced by
   SolVillage: Soul City at SOBS
3) 2001:  J.J. performed on the same bill of John Legend at an
   event produced by Artist Exchange:
4) 2001:  J.J. performed on the same bill of India.Arie at an event
   produced by Moikgantsi Kgama: Imagenation at Club Speed in NYC